Finding Buyers

The perfect party – Who will pay the highest price for your products, might be working in a totally different sector on a remote continent. On your own you would have no chance of finding that buyer.

Without professional help like ours, it is likely that you will end up marketing the business to a small circle of contacts in your sector.
This will not only have the effect of making the details of your company and its products public knowledge, it also reduces the level of competition and in turn the price you eventually achieve for your company.

We just let you know that we have already established with large retailers purchasing buyers as well as regional power retailers.

We find your potential customers based on your present capability, which means that we analyze your current status and then define your capability level.  Once we define your level, we make a strategy and action plan with time line and consensus building with you together.

Is your product ready to export in English (to USA) or Korean (to Korea) ?

warranty system
certificate of standard (UL,CE,FCC for US)

Do you have an English web-site?

Are you collecting customer’s feedback for your product from domestic and overseas?

Is your product competitive ?

Superior Differentiation (design, function, technology, patent, etc)

Is your product selling well in your country currently?

Do you have a brand marketing strategy and tool?

Is your company financially strong enough to meet a big players’ business condition?

Payment Term
Brand marketing investment  (advertising)

If not, we suggest you to look for OEM or ODM business partners.


Manufacturer OEM/ODM
Distributor OEM/ODM

Is your product currently selling in other countries?